Cloud Accelerators without a year of consulting!

If you prefer to shift your data analytics to the cloud, you should know that just the consulting and framework design is a long, expensive and frustrating experience. With our hands-on experience across multiple clouds and tooling, we do this in weeks, not months.

A Perfect Fit

Is your Data Analytics team mature? You have already decided on the tools and architecture and are considering moving to the cloud? This is a perfect service for you.

Opinionated Frameworks

We demonstrate quick wins as well as great economics with our Cloud Accelerator Services. We deliver an opinionated framework on your cloud of choice.

Why is Data Analytics on the cloud so hard?

TLDR: Because the Cloud is still poorly understood or managed well

  • Contrary to 'conventional' thinking, just moving on-prem to the cloud is rarely worth the time and expense. Operating costs can actually go up significantly.

  • Even with a specific cloud in mind, designing a framework and the supporting DevOps, is hard because of hands-on expertise gaps.

  • The cloud landscape is unfortunately littered with an alphabet soup of unproven technologies, and even outright false claims. Sifting the wheat from the chaff boils down to experience - that someone making the move to the Cloud is unlikely to have.

  • Getting hold of Cloud Architects with hands-on expertise in designing efficient and effective frameworks is a tough call. Working with large consulting firms who have these skills will mean months of billable time.

Engagement Road Map

Three steps to a great cloud framework for data analytics!

Cloud Priorities

A no-cost engagement to understand your current tool set, preferred cloud providers, identify challenges and business objective to be met. We also agree on the scope and deliverables.

Typically takes one week.

Functional Platform

Here we deliver a fully functional framework (data lake + ELT + data warehouse) installed on your cloud account. You are ready for reporting using an SQL based reporting tool on sample data.

Typically takes six weeks.

Training and Closure

We train you on the fully functional cloud data platform, including data pipelines, orchestration, transformations - with the required metadata and devops management layer.

Typically takes two weeks.

Transition to data analytics on cloud simpler!

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