Data Analytics as-a-service for SAP Customers

We offer end-to-end Data Analytics as a service. While you focus on your core business, our team of experts manage the Delivery, DevOps, Maintenance and Enhancement of your data analytics in a fully outsourced model.

A Perfect Fit

Are you a Small or Medium Enterprise with a lean IT team, with limited resources for a full-scale SAP analytics team? We are a perfect fit for you.

Fixed Costs

Prefer zero capex and on-tap operating expenses? We have a single fixed fee for the pilot phase, and then annual commitments, paid quarterly.

Why SAP Analytics as-a-service?

Data Analytics for SAP is incredibly hard and expensive

  • From BO, Lumira, Design Studio, BW/4HANA, HANA Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAC, Data Intelligence, on-prem to cloud transition, unclear AI/ML tooling - the journey has been challenging for SAP customers globally. Even today, customers have little to show in terms of value to business.

  • 'Data Stack' in confusing enough and the 'Modern Data Stack' is muddling waters even more. With operational AI/ML now accessible, advanced use-cases are better managed with the (always) latest predictive tools, and SAP is only playing catch-up.

  • Geo-political, environmental, regulatory, currency, supply chains, wars, pandemics, and other issues are here to stay. For example, a currency might depreciate by 50% in a day. Do you think embarking on lengthy data analytics projects frequently really practical? In most organizations data analytics has become an end in itself, incapable of supporting operational data driven decision making.

  • Creating a proof-of-concept initiative to test the applicability of more advanced governance styles in your environment, evaluate the business outcomes and value, emerging risks, technological limitations, and cultural barriers to wider adoption is often impossible with the current approach. Even if a vendor is brave enough to offer a POC, time frames and costs are truly impractical.

  • Most existing data integration tools are limited in their ability to collect and analyze all forms of metadata to provide actionable insights to support automation. As a result, data teams often never move to the value generation phase, stuck in an endless battle with just getting data meaningfully together. Sounds familiar?

  • Data Analytics is witnessing an unprecedented rate of change, and with it, a massive amount of hype. At the same time, competent talent with operational skills are in such short supply, that staffing itself is impossible. And this problem is not going away soon.

Engagement Road Map

Three steps to the best SAP Analytics experience available today!

Maturity & Needs Assessment

A no-cost engagement to understand your data landscape, identify challenges and use cases. We understand the target tooling, landscape, compliance and data security requirements.

Typically takes two weeks.


Here we demonstrate the complete solution with the recommended architecture, approach and tooling for one use case, with actual data. This is a one-time, charged, engagement.

Typically takes 12 weeks.

Annual Commitment

After we define and sign-off on the contact, we then move to continuous delivery, enhancements, devops and maintenance of the landscape with pre defined SLAs.

Annual contract, payable quarterly.

Let's make SAP data analytics a breeze!

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