Fill your Data Analytics skill gaps, fast!

Having decided to own your data analytics efforts in-house, you will likely hit the skill gap soon. We provide highly skilled resources for short and mid-term augmentation. This is a non-consulting, staffing-only service.

A Perfect Fit

You have decided on the framework and cloud providers. And you have a skill gap, perhaps due to critical resources moving out. This is a perfect staffing service for you.

The right skill-sets

We offer cloud frameworks, as well as Data analytics as a service, and fully understand the people and skills you need. Available only for off-shore engagements.

Why is there a shortage of skilled talent?

Seriously efficient talent in Data Analytics is rare to find!

  • Data Analytics as a career has significantly exploded in the last two-plus years. And in a field that is changing rapidly. People with 'grey hair', or just years of hands-on expertise are not easy to find, as there are so few of them.

  • While organizations, once they get the framework right, tend to stay with it for the long haul, the rapid developments in this field, with AI, ML and more, just cannot retain bright minds to stay with a tech stack that will have no future for them.

  • Despite the above challenges if you do get competent people, can you afford them and retain them? By the time most of them settle down to the culture, they are often lured away by far more lucrative career opportunities.

Engagement Road Map

Talent from data analytics experts, not a staffing firm.

Needs Assessment

At no cost, we scope the current state of your cloud adoption and team maturity to identify talent gaps to propose the right mix of talent pool.

Optional, thought highly recommended.

Assessment and contracts

You then assess our recommendations. We stand behind statements on their capabilities, attitude and work ethics. Billing is on a per-hour basis.

Off shore, including infra costs.


Included in the engagement is the services of a senior, experienced Project Manager, to help ensure efficient and impactful results.

Also doubles up as the SPOC.

Fill critical skill gaps immediately!

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